10 Proven Strategies to Be a Successful Freelance Writer

10 Proven Strategies to Be a Successful Freelance Writer
Writing is a skill that we acquire in elementary school and carry throughout our lives. Over the years, this skill becomes mechanical and we do not need to concentrate our attention to compile letters into words, and words into sentences. But for writers, this is more than just a mechanical process. This is a type of art that requires certain approach. Finding a word that strikes at the heart sometimes takes days and even weeks. Writing a leading sentence can take even several months. However, non-writers frequently even do not understand how much time and efforts a writer should pay to create a good story. Perhaps, because of that many people decide to become writers. They believe that they already know all tricks of this process as they have been writing during their lives. They are sure that they easily can become one of those freelance writers who just sit at home and make money writing some papers. Of course, after starting their writing career they understand that nothing is so easy. But there are always some methods that can help everyone become successful in a freelance writing career. Here we collected 10 strategies that will enhance your skill and bring you more orders!

1. Choose your niche

New writers start by taking all possible orders. At some point, it is a good approach that helps create a strong portfolio. For a professional freelance writer, choosing his/her own niche is a crucial step. Working professionally with certain topics, you can expect for higher income: the prices for your writing will raise.

2. Deepen your background

A freelance writer should not rely upon his knowledge. Keep learning different spheres, read professional literature, study cases, and create a profound background for writing. If you have already selected a niche, become a professional: grab all possible information, follow websites and blogs that cover this niche, visit classes and communicate with specialists. If you are still looking for a niche, try to cover different spheres to select the most interesting for you.

3. Keep mastering your English

Keep mastering your English To be a successful freelance writer your English should be perfect. There are several ways to enhance your language perception: reading, writing down paragraphs and sentences, and visiting courses. Today, several platforms offer online courses for writers, including Creative Writing (Craft of the Character, Plot or Style), Advanced Writing, Script Writing, etc.  

4. Find several platforms for freelancers

If you do not know where to find customers, join popular freelance writing websites. Here, you can offer writing services and become a member of a team who works remotely. If you are an academic writer, join essay writing portals, if you are a marketing copywriter, look for the specialized platforms where your services are most demanded. Create an effective portfolio

5. Create an effective portfolio

The best way to demonstrate your skill is to show your achievements. Create a portfolio where you will present your best pieces of writing that will fully reflect your mastery. Along with the texts, you can also provide links to the websites where your works were published. Of course, all these works should be written without mistakes and be 100% unique and original.

6. Add your resume

Your portfolio is a tool to attract new clients, but your resume is a tool to make them cooperate with you. No one wants to deal with a faceless and nameless person who hides his personal achievements. If you want to become a trustful writer, add your resume to the portfolio. You need to include information about your education, your sphere of working interests, available certificates, and references.

7. Communicate with your clients

Communicate with your clients Communication is a key to your freelance success. You do not need to become friends with your client, but you need to build strong and effective relations. Always ask for a feedback: in this way, you will be able to understand your mistakes, and your client will understand that you are really interested in your work and are struggling to become better.  

8. Be enthusiastic

Never sit and wait until someone offers you a well-paid job. Every day make a research of available orders and apply for the most interesting. If you work on freelance platforms, you have multiple competitors who also want to get the order. In this case, your reputation of a talented and reliable writer will help you succeed and start cooperation with a new client.

9. Join writers’ community

Join writers’ community There are various writers’ communities in Facebook: you can join any of them to follow the trends in writing, find new job prospects and communicate with professional writers who can give you useful advice. Being a member of such community has various benefits. For example, if you need a push to compile certain thought in a sentence, other writers will gladly help you.  

10. Create your personal site

If you have strong intentions to become a freelance writer, create your personal website to promote your services. Upload your portfolio, add About author and Prices page, use SEO tools to top rank your site, add social network links and wait for the new clients. Dedication, commitment, hard work and total involvement in writing can help you build a freelance career. Use these 10 strategies to create a foundation for your further development and make your way to a writing success!