3 Brilliant Team Building Games for Students

3 Brilliant Team Building Games for Students
Communication enhances a team work. But sometimes communication is not enough. Sometimes, people listen to each other, hear the words and do not understand the meaning. In most cases, it causes uncertainty that in its turn leads to disappointing consequences. Building effective relations between students is one of the basic tasks for every teacher. A solid team is more productive, more inspired and more dedicated to the studying. Besides, when each member of the team has the same goal and understands what this team should do to reach this goal, the result even exceeds the expectations. There are several ways to beat communication problems, but some of them are far more effective than others. Team building strategies proved to bring more effect and reach goals quicker. But before we start to analyze ways of solving a problem, let us first determine it.

Communication problems in teams

Communication problems can be caused by different circumstances. Here, we collected several the most popular factors that may create problems in teams:
  1. inability to listenThis is perhaps the most common factor of communication problem. You can notice it during the meetings: each participant tries to express his opinion, interrupts other speakers and never asks questions to clarify what has been told.
  2. distance cooperationToday, a huge number of companies prefer to hire freelance and distant specialists. It is effective, though the communication problems appear more frequently than with in-office employees.
  3. different lifestyleIn multinational companies, cultural differences may create some problems. Sometimes, people with different religions and lifestyles simply forget that they are a workplace and start to argue about their preferences.
  4. uncertain hierarchy Mostly, companies choose the informal style of communication between their employees. However, the benefits of this approach face a huge problem: employees forget that their manager or supervisor is responsible for the quality of their work and he is heading the team.
  5. personal egoismEgoistic people can ruin communication in any team. They believe that they are the center of the Universe and that everyone who does not support them is their blood enemy.

Team building for effective cooperation

Before you start to solve communication problems, you need to determine what causes this problem in your team. After that, the fun part comes. Three team-building games will help unite your team and find a proper solution for your problem.


Helps in solving inability to listen, different lifestyle, and personal egoism problems. Necessary equipment: clues or puzzles, a rope, a key. The idea: all team members are locked in one room. One member is a ‘zombie’. He is tied to the rope and every 5 minutes the tie is loosened so he can come closer to the rest of the team. For more effect, this member can put some zombie makeup and behave in zombie-style. When the game starts, team members receive clues or puzzles that should indicate where the key is hidden. They need to find a key until a zombie is far from them. Each 5 minutes zombie comes closer and can ‘bite’ careless team members who do not help the team. The game continues until the key is found or until a ‘zombie’ bites all team members.

Team trivia

Team trivia Helps solving distance cooperation problems. Necessary equipment: a laptop or a smartphone to connect remote team member. The problem of communication becomes urgent when some of your colleagues work remotely. You know nothing about them: sometimes, you even do not know their voice as you use only emails. Team trivia is a good team building game to find out more about your colleagues. The idea: According to the rules of this game, your colleague should ask questions about himself or herself. Other participants need to guess the answer. Another approach to this team building game is truth or dare game.

Building blocks

Building blocks Helps in solving inability to listen, distance cooperation, different lifestyle, uncertain hierarchy and personal egoism. Necessary equipment: a sheet of paper or any messenger. The captain of the team is a manager, a team lead, or a supervisor. He is responsible for following a sequence and obeying the rules of the game. The idea: a captain creates a problem and a team needs to solve it. However, the solution is not discussed. Each team member writes a sentence on the piece of paper or in a messenger. Every sentence should supplement and continue the previous idea. It is prohibited to write more than 2 sentences in a row and radically change the idea. The solution is developed block by block and all team members actively contribute in finding it. These three games can be played within one hour or even less. Of course, to reach the desired effect it is necessary to play these games at least couple times per month. However, it is enough to play once to give a push to the development of communication in the team. So this were the tips on how to solve the problem with lacking teamwork skills and to solve the writing poblems  you can always get a professional essay help.