4 Unexpected Writing Tips to Know Before You Start a Blog

4 Unexpected Writing Tips to Know Before You Start a Blog

Writing skill is a secret power of a blogger. Combining words into sentences, putting one combination after another, linking paragraphs with ideas and thoughts, you can create a proper atmosphere to attract new visitors and keep readers interested in your blog. Yet, none of the bloggers is born with this skill.

A blogger can always empower his writing using special techniques and methods. There are 4 basic tips that help move your writing to the next level: shortness, communication, simplifying and scheduling.

1. Fight for shortness

Some bloggers believe that the number of words determines the quality of the content. They think that this correlation works in the following way: a large post means a good post. In fact, when a blogger writes long-reads all the time, he loses his audience. Today no one wants to waste time on reading someone else’s thoughts, unless this is a famous politician or entrepreneur. Everyone searches for blogs where information is presented in a clear and short form.

A blog post is not an essay or a press release.  You should not follow a structure of an essay to write about food or sports. It is enough to have one leading sentence that captures the attention of your reader and continue with useful and effective information.

The length of your post is important, but the length of the sentences has even bigger effect on the perception of your materials. Several short sentences are always better than one long sentence. If you have noticed that you use long structures and sentences, use HemingwayApp editor. It will show you sentences that you need to reduce and words that you can replace.

2. Introduce communication tricks

Introduce communication tricks Academic writers do not need to communicate with their readers. 

They make a research and provide its results. Journalists also do not communicate with their readers. They only provide facts and evidence. But bloggers should follow a different approach. Communication with readers is crucial for them. If a blogger does not create the opportunity for readers to share their opinions, express their thoughts and talk to the author of the blog, he losses visitors and subscribers.

Communication should be introduced smoothly into your posts. It is better to start your blog with greetings, ask questions and invite your readers to join the discussion. In fact, your post should not be a monolog of your ego. It should be a part of a dialogue. In this way, you will increase the engagement of your visitors and boost the popularity of your posts.

If you do not want to make your blog a platform for communication, you still need to stay in contact with your readers. The best way to do that is to add social network plugins. Use your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to contact with your readers and establish relations with other bloggers.

3. Make it simple and clear

Your readers do not want to read articles with complicated terminology and check the thesaurus every 5 words. Simple language makes your blog interesting for the bigger number of readers. Of course, it does not mean that you need to use simple structures, avoid stylistic devices, or eliminate jargon and slang. But you need to make sure that every sentence can be reached by any person without paying additional efforts.

To simplify perception of your writing, you can also implement additional ways. There are several effective techniques that will help you make your text simple and clear just in a few moments.

  • Reduce usage of passive voice. If it is possible, replace it with an active voice. In this way, you diminish the number of words and also put the impact on the subject of a sentence;
  • Stop using weasel words like ‘as a matter of fact’, ‘really’, ‘mostly’. If you express some idea you do not need these words to support it. These words allow getting rid of the responsibility for making statements. If you do not believe in what you write, do not write that at all.
  • Write numbers in digits. No one will read ‘four million two hundred twenty thousand’. Readers recognize this information better when it is written as 4220000.

4. Follow your schedule

Follow your schedule

Do not wait for the inspiration. You need to provide your readers with new content regularly. Professional bloggers have several posts written in advance. These posts come in handy in unpredictable situations. However, this method is effective when a blogger has a schedule for posting. If you know when you need to add new content, you understand how many posts you need to prepare in advance. Develop a schedule that will be efficient for your site.

Pay attention to the frequency of posting. There are two basic mistakes: you add content too frequently and you add content a couple times per month. In the first situation, you annoy your readers. In the second one, readers forget about you.

It is crucially important to find a proper pattern of creating content for a blogger. These 4 basic tips will help you make a step forward developing your own strategy and enhance your blog. Use them in your daily writing and you will notice improvements soon.