Educational Tip: Tutoring or Academic Coaching?

Educational Tip: Tutoring or Academic Coaching?

There are thousands of situations in your student life when you need some help with your studying but you do not know where to find it. Someone tells you simply need to get some help with academic paper writing, others say that you need to find a tutor that will tell you what exactly you need to do. But a tutor is helpless in this situation as you need an academic coach.

Key differences between academic coach and tutor

A tutor and an academic coach are two different concepts in a studying process. A tutor is a person who can help with a certain subject: for example, explain the basic ideas of physics or work with you to improve your English literature grades. An academic coach is a person that can help students with overall studying process. He or she does not provide information on a certain subject, does not work to improve your grades in this particular subject and basically does not teach the ideas of a particular subject. Academic coaching is a deep and profound work on a student’s understanding of the academic process. It means that if you want to get an A in mathematics, you need to find a tutor, but if you want to understand how to prepare for a test effectively, you need to find an academic coach.

An academic coach is your guide to a successful studying process. He or she explains to you how to handle the challenges that you meet being a student. As a rule, the students who have good grades use the services of an academic coach to become better with the available resources. At the same time, the students who have worse grades, use the services of a tutor.

Guidelines on how to manage your homework

1. Guidelines on how to manage your homework

Freshmen frequently do not understand the volumes of homework they need to prepare. They cannot properly estimate the required time, and as a result, they cannot cope with their main tasks. Moreover, even seniors frequently cannot understand how to distribute their time to have time for everything.

So, here are the differences between a tutor and an academic coach. A tutor will help you to prepare this homework and will check whether you have done everything correctly. An academic coach will teach you how to select the most important task, explain to you how to choose the environment for effective studying, and will develop your skills that help in managing homework without additional help in the future.

2. Preparation for tests

For all students, any test is a challenge. Some of them even do not prepare for the tests as they are sure, that nothing will help them when they are nervous. Those who are interested in improving their grades always look for some possibilities to make tests less painful.

In this case, tutors help students with giving and solving tasks that can enhance the knowledge of the subject. As a rule, these tasks are based on tutor’s personal experience. The tests include questions that relate only to this subject. Academic tutors have a different approach to this issue. Basically, they teach students how to prepare for any test. They explain the types of questions and give the guidelines on how exactly you should answer them, what resources you should use to prepare for a test, and how to define the pitfalls in your knowledge.

3. Project management

Project management

As a rule, tutors do not explain the basic ideas of project management, that is highly important for a success in student and adult life of any person. However, academic coaches give a deep understanding of this issue. They explain how to integrate their skill and knowledge into the education process and how to succeed in compelling projects. They teach students how to develop a proper plan, how to choose proper steps and how to organize these steps, how to distribute time, and how not to miss the slightest points during the processing of the project.

4. Effective reading

Of course, if a person has some problems with reading, an academic coach will not help to solve them while tutor can be quite useful for overcoming the obstacles that this person can meet. But when we talk about effective reading strategies for an average student, academic coach’s experience is better. Students need to read many books on different subjects, and frequently they are physically incapable to get acquainted will all the materials. However, if they implement the speed reading techniques, they can progress better. As a rule, these techniques are the basis of academic coach training.

5. Writing skills

Writing skills

Along with reading, writing is another essential skill that a student should master to perfection. Essays and research papers are the important part of education activity and they affect the grades significantly. Do you remember, how you’ve browsed the internet looking for the best entrance essays online because you didn’t know how to write them properly and needed a good example? If you cannot write a good essay, you cannot expect for good grades. Working with a tutor, you get the idea on what exactly you need to include in your current paper. This knowledge will not be effective for your further work, so you will need the assistance again.

An academic coach has different approach to this issue. The first thing he or she explains to a student is how to plan the writing process. A coach tells effective methods of finding information, best approach to organizing the materials, basic and advanced ideas on how to connect your thoughts in a coherent text, how to define the most important ideas, and how to select the most effective arguments.

6. Exam preparation

A tutor only helps in solving problems connected with a particular object while a coach explains how to take the emotions under control, how to use time management during the preparation, how to understand what professor expects from you. Additionally, a coach develops the ability to anticipate the exam process and understand what questions will be asked in the course of the examination.

Of course, if you want to achieve the best results, you need to cooperate with tutors and with an academic coach. However, if you are confident enough in your knowledge, you can use services of an academic coach only. Both of them share their important and useful experience that you can implement in your studying and enjoy all benefits.