Feeling Frustrated? Just Write!

Feeling Frustrated? Just Write!
Ernest Hemingway once wrote in one of his short essays: “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” So he did finally write one true sentence, that became his famous book “Three Stories and Ten Poems.” Writing represents an easy technique of communicating your inner problems in a practical and palpable way. People write because they don’t have other means of expressing themselves. This can be easily explained through lyrics writing; musicians write because they are sad, happy, lonely, bored or frustrated. Furthermore, they reach out to a greater audience through the message and meaning of each phrase written. Frustration, unfortunately, is one of the most common emotional responses to disappointment and anger; every single person from the dawn of mankind to people, reading this article, at the moment has had to deal with inner frustrations. There is no way of avoiding disappointments, but there are ways to deal with it. Earnest Hemingway is famous for his great writing, but his writing flows from his frustrations and life problems. We all can relate to this. Anger and frustration are good for inspiration, as they are the source of forced motivation and an objective of relief. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel for those who endure and wish to overcome the challenges faced. This article explains how to write your frustrations down so that they can`t get up again. There are numerous motives why writing is beneficial and even encouraged by the modern psychologists.

Keeping a journal

Keeping a journal Let`s start off with the basics. Buy a journal, since it will help you be more organized and focus on your day to day objectives. Journals are a close companion to anyone who seeks to enjoy, explore and understand life. They serve two particular purposes: a permanent record of your posterity; and second, a cathartic release for those in need. Cathartic means purification in ancient Greek; in other words, catharsis is cleansing of the soul of all the negative emotions a person might have. When we accumulate anger, disappointment, and anguish, frustration kicks in. All of those feelings require a release, and purification is one of the ‘release’ means. Writing is a tool used to achieve such catharsis. Keeping a journal has the immediate benefit of relaxing, focusing and staying positive. First, it gives you a chance to sit down and contemplate the problems in your life – something most of us hardly ever do in our hectic, busy lifestyles. Out thoughts, emotions and situations are then analyzed carefully, so our brains have nothing else to do but to produce solutions. Here is where the biggest catch of writing comes in. Having a journal everywhere you go is a good way of keeping track of moments, memories and feelings. Years later, you will understand why you did what you did or say what you said back in 2011 or 2014. This is a genuine way of seeking and understanding your problems in a detached way. Other reasons include a way of leaving a part of you behind, for others to understand who you were and what you did. Maybe your children will pick up that journal and continue it for years to come. Other practical means represent the capability of harnessing your creativity and emotions.

Writing as a general meditative tool

Say Goodbye To Long Posts Writing, in general, is a way to meditate upon our existence. Regular meditation practices can help relax your mind and soothe your nerves. The tools to build such a state of mind is a pen, a piece of paper, a notepad, or any other piece of paper you can find nearby. And here are a few other tips on how to start your journey to a calmer state of mind: find a place at work, school or at home to sit down; then, focus on writing the first thing it comes to your mind. It can be anything that keeps you preoccupied or burdened. If there’s no ‘safe harbor’ at home or work, then find a spot somewhere on your way there. It can be a small cafe or even a patch a grass in a local park.

Keeping track of your progress and staying honest

As you write and meditate on all the things that have happened in your life, you will probably notice that day after day, you start writing more (and better!). A lot of people enjoy writing because it represents a modern way of staying sharp. Finally, remember to write everything down: the good, the bad and the sad. This one is highly important if you want to keep a realistic track of your feelings. Weeks after you write these thoughts down, you will have a chance to evaluate them in a detached, objective manner. Bottom line, if you are feeling frustrated – write! Start your brand new journal as fast as you can because the benefits are huge. It will increase your focus, creativity and effectiveness over the coming years. It’s a great way to deal with frustration, keeping your head clean and your spirits – high. And if you must write, but are lacking the aspiration, you can always find help at the custom writing service.